Philip Hyndman Photography

Professional Portraits, Documentary Wedding & Family


Traditional: Classic, posed images focused on face and shoulders

Environmental: Subjects in natural surroundings to tell their story

Candid: Unplanned moments capturing natural expressions

Lifestyle: Everyday activities portrayed via artistic direction

Conceptual: Themed images conveying specific ideas or stories

Fine Art Portraits: Artistic, stylised images evoking emotion

Family and Group: Captures relationships and interactions

Corporate: Professional images for business profiles and marketing

Documentary Wedding

Documentary wedding photography is especially popular in the United Kingdom, where the demand for natural and authentic wedding images has grown significantly. It is also widely appreciated in other parts of Europe, such as France and Italy, as well as in the United States and Australia. The style focuses on telling the story of the event as it naturally unfolds, without directing or staging shots.

I am able to capture genuine moments, emotions, and interactions, creating a truthful and authentic record of the day. The resulting images reflect the true essence of the celebration, preserving the memories as they happened.


Family photography is about capturing the unique dynamics and genuine interactions among family members in a natural and relaxed setting. This style focuses on documenting real moments, expressions, and connections, often in familiar environments like homes or outdoor locations.

I aim to create a comfortable atmosphere where families can be themselves, resulting in images that reflect their true relationships and personalities. The final photographs become cherished keepsakes that tell the story of the family at that particular time, preserving precious memories for years to come.


I can offer a variety of services beyond taking photos, including:

Photo Editing and Retouching: Enhancing images through software to improve quality, correct colours, and remove imperfections.

Photo Printing: Producing high-quality prints, albums, and other physical products from digital images.

Photo Restoration: Repairing and restoring old or damaged photographs to their original condition.

Consultation Services: Offering advice on styling, locations, and posing for photo shoots.

Portfolio Development: Helping individuals or models create a professional portfolio to showcase their work.

Event Coordination and Planning: Assisting with the organisation and planning of photo shoots, including location scouting and scheduling.

Digital Archiving: Organising and preserving digital photo collections for easy access and long-term storage.

Custom Photo Books and Albums: Designing and creating personalised photo books and albums for special occasions.

Graphic Design: Combining photography with graphic design for marketing materials, websites, and social media content.